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Serving Both the Commercial & Retail Markets.

Quantum Cooling represents the most innovative HVAC Equipment Manufacturers serving both the commercial and retail markets. This depth combined with our expertise in energy efficient HVAC system design and green building methods allows us to offer cost-effective solutions that provide a low environmental impact at the highest return on investment to our customers.


Over 30 Years of Successful Energy Efficient Designs!

Services provided would be selections and piping design for the mechanical plans as well as during the construction phase for the as-built drawings.


Design Assistance

Quantum Cooling provides design assistance for your variable refrigerant flow (VRF) projects, indoor  agriculture, and many other custom HVAC applied systems. We can discuss the design with you or your team to develop a comprehensive design that will consider building characteristics; cooling and heating load requirements; peak occurrence; simultaneous heating and cooling requirements; fresh air needs; accessibility requirements; minimum and maximum outdoor temperatures; sustainability; and acoustic characteristics. Upon request, Revit, BIM and AutoCAD files shall be provided by various HVAC Manufacturers. Piping, specific dimensions and performance can be exported directly from the Manufacturer’s software.


Structural Assessment

In-house Structural Engineering services can analyze existing structures to determine adequacy of existing framing to support HVAC equipment replacements. The analysis will confirm if the structure has the capacity to hold new equipment or provide signed and sealed design documents for reinforcing the existing structure. Reciprocity allows Quantum Cooling to provide this service across the United States. Bentley Suite software is utilized to perform the analysis.

Please visit to learn about the Structural Engineering service provider which is in partnership with Quantum Cooling.

Energy Modeling

Energy modeling services can also be furnished for LEED or other compliance requirements. Integrated Environmental Solutions Virtual Environment software is utilized to provide the requested analysis.

Please visit IES for a list of the program’s capabilities

Integrated software tools for accurate whole-building performance simulation.

Used by suitable design experts around the globe IESVE is a fast, accurate, sub-hourly, thermal simulation suite that can model new and existing building of any size and complexity. For architects, engineers and contractor, the platform allows crot-team collaboration from concept design to operation. Its power embeds energy and performance assessment across the entire building lifecycle. Integrate Performance Analysis into the heart of the design process.

Energy Modeling & Compliance

Integrated suite of application for accurate, sub hourly, thermal simulation for building of any size and complexity.

Building & HVAC Systems Design

Heating & cooling loads calculation and HVAC equipment sizing is made easy with acutomated calculations and reports.

Integrated Software

IESVE's 3D model can undergo additional simulation analysis for daylight, airflow, egress; and exchange BIM data with other platforms

CultivaSystems use 300x169 1
  • 1

    Cultiva Systems can calculate grow room loads for equipment sizing purposes

  • 2

    The equipment is sized primary by the latent load in the space due to the high transpiration rate of the plants

  • 3

    Cultiva Systems equipment moisture removal rates average 0.6 gallons per hour per ton

Flower Rooms

  • 1

    Typical Equipment Sizing: 30 to 40 sq. feet / ton

  • 2

    Typical sensible heat ratios: .50 to .60

Veg Room

  • 1

    Typical Equipment Sizing: 50 to 60 sq. feet / ton

  • 2

    Typical sensible heat ratios: .65 to .70

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